Your company has settled on the shallow Internet waters and you don't know what next?

With us any storm will be like nice cool breeze...

About us
... and our shipyard

We've got knowledge and skills to create and maintain your project. From designing how it should work, along with the help of the newest technology used in visible (front-end) and invisible for users parts (back-end), to designing how it should look.

And no. Designer is a designer. Not a programmer.

*It's all about working together and not exactly swimming ;)
Our Offer

Do you want to have a yacht or maybe a factory ship?

WWW Service

We not only creating new webpages, but also maintaining working ones. We can update them and take care of your community channels.

Hosting and domains

We have our own hosting service for webpages and mail. From 2001. For more demanding clients we can offer virtual server VPS.

Mobile apllications

We're making mobile apps for IOS and Android. We publish them on the publicly available app stores or prepare them to be used in the corporate networks.

Visual identification

United visual identification for all advertisement material and PR. From project to printing.

IT systems

From simple management of small database through WWW to a specjalized IT project.

Consulting services

We will help you to collect information about your internet resources (hostings, webpages, domains). Also we can integrate them in the specified hosting provider.

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Captain! Man overboard!

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